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15 units 5 of each size (Small, Medium, Large)


These seamless, breathable, compression sleeves are biomechanically engineered to fit over each finger like an added layer of skin, mimicking the natural flexibility of joints and ligaments, to build grip strength, reduce repetitive strain, and stimulate cognitive reflexes (speeding reaction time). 


Interweaving nano- and infrared technologies into every fiber, Vyse Pro also thermoregulates body temperature, wicks moisture, and maximizes tactile sensitivity, or your ability to feel, catch or grasp an object under extreme physical/environmental conditions.


This means whether you’re playing in the cold, rain, sleet, or snow; practicing on those hot, muggy, summer days; or spending hours conquering reps in the gym, you won’t lose your sense of control, grip, or feel.


Vyse Pro is reusable and comes with a mesh carrying bag that can easily go into the laundry for multiple washes.